MediaCorp Singapore


MediaCorp Singapore

Channel 5
The number one English mass entertainment and lifestyle channel for the entire family, known for its high quality, innovative local productions, award-winning acquired programmes and blockbuster movies.

Channel 8
A 24-hour Chinese news and entertainment channel reputed to be the market leader. It is the most watched homegrown Chinese channel in Singapore, enthralling its audience with high quality locally-produced and acquired programmes.

Channel 8 International (8i)
An extension of Singapore’s leading free-to-air Mandarin channel Channel 8, is an international channel showcasing popular Chinese dramas with themes revolving family ties, romance, action, period and much more. It is currently available in Australia, Indonesia and the United States.

Channel U
A young and vibrant entertainment channel with bold, enriching and inspiring content from Singapore and around Asia that embrace the aspirations of the young Singaporean.

Channel NewsAsia
The regional news channel, launched in 1999, provides the latest in news and information on global developments with Asian perspectives. The channel’s second feed, Channel NewsAsia International, was launched in September 2000. Its satellite footprint stretches from the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia to Australia.

Synchronised with international high quality broadcasting standards, this High Definition channel provides viewers with outstanding picture and sound clarity.

Airing between 9am and midnight on weekdays and between 7am and midnight on weekends, this channel focuses on kids programming and also encourages community participation with a User Generated Content (UGC) belt. Besides vibrant programmes for the young, okto also showcases programmes which target adult viewers with an interest in arts, lifestyle, film and top-notch documentaries.

Committed to being the heartbeat of the Malay community, Suria is the choice of Malay viewers in Singapore. It offers wholesome family entertainment with varied local and acquired programmes that are both enjoyable and educational.

Vasantham is the channel of choice for the growing Indian community in Singapore. Its unique blend of innovative, informational and entertaining programming across genres appeals to both local and international markets for Indian programming.

Providing news and information on demand, this text-based service is available on Channels 5, 8 and Channel NewsAsia.

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